Stanley Jones Restoration

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June 25, 2015

Stanley Jones Restoration


by Pat Cahill

Restoration of this machine began in 1999 by two Sukanen volunteers, Ron Scott and Pat Cahill.  Being almost 100 years old and made of wood, it had deteriorated badly and had to be completely rebuilt. Ron did most of the carpentry work, cutting and shaping the new lumber, mortise and tenon joints. Many of the main parts where missing, the cleaning seives, both the clean grain and tailings elevators, the straw cutter and belts.These parts where fabricated with the idea of what we thought the original would look like. The rope belt driving the cleaning fan was made for us by the Alex Lloyd family and spliced to proper length by Ron Hammond. After about 1000 hours of work and 1000 dollars of cash out lay, the restoration was completed in 2003.


Arthur Stanley Jones immigrated to Canada from England in 1905.  In 1907 he filed on a homestead along the west side of Jackfish Lake, by 1910 he had obtained the dealership for western Canada from the Desjardins Company of Kamouraska Quebec, for their threshing machine and other small farm implements, and opened an assembly plant in North Battleford.  In 1917 after adding a straw blower and mechanical feeder to the thresher and needing a larger premises, he moved to Saskatoon.  Legal proceedings with the Desjardins Company may have been the reason for the business closing in 1924.