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Restoration of Trucks

1920 Stutz

Historical List of Owners

1920 - 1959 - Indianapolis, Indiana FD
1959 - ? - Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity's Brookline FD
? - 1983 - Stan Renolds - Alberta
1983 - 2002 - Keith Ewart - Moose Jaw
2002 - present - Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village Museum

Historically the Stutz fire trucks are fairly rare as they were only produced for a short period of time and most of the production was for the Indianapolis Fire Department. This will be the next truck on our priority list to be restored. At present we are waiting to get estimates on the work required then we will be launching a fund raising campaign to get this done.

1951 Bickle Ladder Truck

Historical List of Owners

1951 - 1990's - Regina, Sk FD
1990's - 2010 - J Pratt, Grand Coulee, Sk FD
2010 - present - Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village Museum

As you can see from the first two pictures, this was a very nice looking truck in its day. We hope to bring it back to that same look as soon as possible. (We will be restoring it to the original red)

1965 International King Seagrave

Historical List of Owners

1965 - ? - London, On FD
? - 1990's - Oak Lake, Mb FD
1990's - 2008 - Art Boisclair - Moose Jaw
2008 - present - Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village Museum

This truck will not take a huge amount of work to restore it to its former glory. Mostly just paint and a bit of mechanical work.

1953 Chevy

Historical List of Owners

- Dept. of Forestry
- Macklin, Sk FD
- Art Boisclair - Moose Jaw
- Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village Museum

Restoration of this truck is in progress at the moment.

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