Become A Volunteer!

There is always something to do at the museum, from grounds-keeping, vehicle maintenance and handyman chores to major building and repair projects.  Whatever your interests are, there is a job that will suit you.  Membership is not required to volunteer.

We have a day that we call 'Workday Wednesdays.  Our volunteers come out for the day to do various jobs.  Of course volunteering is not limited to Wednesdays.  You are welcome to come out any day or evening.  We ask members/volunteers to check-in and out with the office so we know when they are on the grounds and so that their hours can be logged.  It is amazing how many hours volunteers put in each year.  There is usually a to-do list at the office or any member can assist you in finding something to do.

We understand that everyone has different skills, abilities and limitations and we will be happy to accommodate.

What do you like to do?

Grounds - Cutting grass, trimming around buildings, tending the garden and flowers and general maintenance of the grounds are an endless job throughout the summer.

Vehicles - We have a huge collection of cars, trucks and tractors which also require regular cleaning, maintenance and repair.

Displays - People are needed to arrange or re-arrange displays in the buildings to keep them from becoming cluttered, add new items and make them more interesting.

If you have a project in mind or would like to "adopt" a building or vehicle, speak to any of the Directors. Please feel free to make suggestions or ask questions.